Design Brief

To determine your key objectives, we will meet with you to carry out a design brief.

The design brief allows us to assess how you use your home, as well as understand your stylistic preferences.
If you are renovating or adding space to your existing home we will review whether structural alterations or creation of a new space is appropriate, while linking your aspirations to any possible constraints - like conservation areas or listed building status.

This is also the stage where we set budget requirements and investigate how capital investment in the property can be maximized.

The design brief gives you a complete picture of your project and allows us to create an exceptional design concept that complements your home, your taste, and your lifestyle.


Space planning is the utilization of your interior space. Once we have established your key objectives in the design brief, we assess how your existing space could be adapted to meet you aspirations maximizing their potential.

We demonstrate how to create improved movement flow through your home, producing dimensional layout plans, enabling you to visualize your future space.

Should planning permission be required we'll prepare the necessary drawings and take care of all the paperwork liaising with statutory authorities.

Project Management

We take full control of this critical stage, to oversee the smooth running of your project on a day-to-day basis.

Periodic evaluations and meetings with client and tradesmen are carried out as works proceeds throughout the whole project.

Leaving us to oversee your project's set-up and implementation means peace of mind for you.  Should you decide to undertake your own project management or appoint your own suppliers, we'll be happy to produce a tender support package for you.


It's the development of ideas that bring style and personality to your home. Concept development occurs in tandem with space planning, enabling us to create a design that works down to every last detail.

We will help you visualize your home, and get a feel for the spaces we create.

We work with experienced and qualified experts such as structural engineers, home automation consultants, environmental specialists and landscape designers.

With all this expertise, you can be certain your home is designed with precision and care.


With our highly professional pool of tradesmen and architects you'll be confident knowing every element of your home is finished to the utmost possible standard according to your budget.

We do the hard work for you.  Through our extensive knowledge we source the best possible products and finishes that suit your home and taste.

We guide you in selecting any and all of your project's design details including lighting, sanitary ware, floor coverings, furniture, and fabrics. We will develop specifications for items such as audiovisual equipment, air conditioning and lighting.


Throughout the design process we always keep your budget in mind.

Once the scheme has been agreed we will produce an outline build report, which is an estimate for the building work and materials.

We will ensure your brief is met within your budget, once all finishes and materials have been chosen.

We talk through the entire report with you answering any questions you may have.