Maison Coeur de Lion, St Cirq Lapopie

The renovation of the "Monument Historic" in the Heritage listed village St Cirq Lapopie in Southwest France is complete. The project has been ongoing for almost two years and the property never looked better.

The ruin was a bare shell with no windows and a leaky roof; it had been used to dry tobacco, and not inhabited for more than 60 years. Ivan managed to save some of the original stone features and window ornaments to keep the charm and the historical appearance of the 650-year-old house.

The property has a very interesting history and is one of the oldest houses in St Cirq Lapopie. It was required to completely rebuild the house, following a strict code outlined by Batiment de France witch stipulated the use of authentic materials and methods.

Ivan has been on site throughout the whole project, overseeing skilled tradesmen and completing a large portion of the bespoke finishes himself, as well as designing the interiors to function with beautiful finishes and modern conveniences.

The house comprises of: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, highly functional kitchen, library and several lounges.