L' Auberge du Vieux Château, Cabris, France

L' Auberge du Vieux Château dates back to around the 1600 and is beautifully situated at the point lookout in the tranquil village of Cabris.

The first stage of this substantial renovation has been extremely intense as we only had a short "window of time" to carry out the works. We have modernized the kitchen with new stainless steel worktops, shelf modules as well as improved existing lighting and restored sections of floor and walls.

In the dining areas we have opened up the two separate spaces to allow flow of light and movement. We have respected the old stone structures and only used noble natural materials that tie in with the existing "feel" of the place. Subtle floor lighting is allowing the simplicity of stonewalls, and the chosen colors to re-instill that Provencal sense of magic.