About Ivan de Jong

Ivan de Jong has always had a passion for building and creation. He has the vision to see the ordinary in a non-ordinary way.

He's been involved in building from an early age, before he was 15 he had already assisted restoring a 16th century French watermill, build his own Fijian grass hut and helped assemble Ultra-light aircrafts. Ivan has learnt to appreciate the qualities of well thought out design and space management with emphasize on an aesthetically pleasing, useful and comfortable living spaces.

He is fascinated by fine-tuning design details, be it the clever use of light, incorporating antique artifacts or skillful floor plans to maximize livability. Ivan is competent in most trades associated with the building industry; he has a detailed understanding of how things work in construction and thereby streamlining communications between builders and tradesmen.

Integrity is the key to his current success.